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Batting cage rentals

in vancouver, washington

This premier batting cage in Vancouver, WA is open to athletes looking to improve their skills and athletics. Learn more about batting cage rentals and availability.


Batting cage Rentals

  • $50 / Hour
  • $30 / Half-Hour

Available Add On's

Pitching Machine
(ATEX M3x 2.0)

$15 / Hour

$10 / Half-Hour

Hit trax

$35 / Hour

$20 / Half-Hour

Looking for coaching?

With years of experience as both a player and coach, Mark Lowe has developed a unique coaching philosophy that blends technical precision with a profound understanding of the mental aspects of the game. His coaching style is characterized by patience, encouragement, and an unwavering belief in his students’ potential. 

Learn more about available coaching sessions from Mark Lowe Baseball.